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mazzy2121 [userpic]
The Deathly Hallows Awards
by mazzy2121 (mazzy2121)
at November 29th, 2010 (02:17 pm)

Snagged from miamadwyn's LJ pimpage post.

Hey New Library comm members, there's a new Awards comm that seems to be promoting the same type of thing we try to promote here - "under the radar" fics.

This Awards comm gives quite a bit of leeway in the idea of under appreciated fics by keeping it simply as 'any fic with less than 3000 reviews'. Any genre, ship, warning, or rating is allowed. So, if you've read a fic that you feel isn't getting enough recognition within it's ship, is so good that even people of other ships should be exposed to it's awesomeness, or simply got lost in the shuffle and deserves a chance to shine through, please consider heading over to TDHA and spread the love by nominating your favorite fics.

There is also no date restrictions here so any fic, written at any time, with less than 3000 reviews and the ability to contact the author is fair game.

The only snag is that NOMINATIONS ARE DUE 11/30!! So hurry! What are you doing still reading this? Get over there and nominate!! :)

werewolfsfan [userpic]
Blame It On The Pumpkin (It's A Slutty Gourd)
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: ?
Title: Blame It On The Pumpkin (It's A Slutty Gourd)
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: Tonks/Percy
Genres: humour, smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Summary: Percy needs to decorate his department's level of the Ministry for Halloween. Tonks's assistance, although annoying, does have its perks.
Link: Blame It On the Pumpkin

Blame It On the PumpkinCollapse )

werewolfsfan [userpic]
be with joy by BirdG
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: the_birdsnest
Title: be with joy
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: Luna/Rolf
Genres: romance, post-dh
Rating: pg
Summary: Summary: I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool.
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/hp_canon_fest/33567.html#cutid1

Why be with joyCollapse )

My Rating: 9/10

werewolfsfan [userpic]
Hermione Granger's Diary; a parody by lz1982
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: lz1982
Title: Hermione Granger's Diary
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: Hermione/Ron
Genres: parody
Summary: A fusion of the books The Half Blood Prince and Bridget Jones Diary. Also, Mr. Darcy is the new DADA instructor.........
Link: http://lz1982.livejournal.com/445890.html#cutid1

Why Hermione Granger's DiaryCollapse )

werewolfsfan [userpic]
Drought by yeats
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: yeats
Title: Drought
WIP or Completed? completed
Ships: Lucius/Narcissa
Genres: ust, drama
Rating: nc-17
Summary: Severus Snape spends a summer at Malfoy Manor, observing. Warnings: Voyeurism, mild bondage
Link: http://yeats.livejournal.com/158289.html

Why DroughtCollapse )

Matthew Seven by DeadManSeven
by Alley B. (leakywitch)

Author: DeadManSeven
Title: Matthew Seven
WIP or Completed? Complete
Ships: Gen
Genres: horror, mystery/suspense, psychological
Rating: R
Summary: If asked, Yvonne would have admitted that she was caught in-between two worlds. She was a witch - a Healer working at St. Mungo's, in fact - who used Muggle methods to help her patients. She had no connection to the Department of Mysteries and could not have thought she was trapped between the present and the past, reality and nightmare, truth and lie, the living and the dead... Not yet, anyway.
Link: http://www.thepetulantpoetess.com/viewstory.php?sid=16341 or here at O.W.L.

Why Matthew SevenCollapse )

My Rating: 10/10

paya [userpic]
Pack of Monsters by Evil-Irish-Wolf
by paya (paya27)

Author: Evil-Irish-Wolf
Title: Pack of Monsters
WIP or Completed? Complete
Ships: none
Genres: drama, character study
Rating: K+
Summary: The monsters come on cloudless nights, I don’t know why the monsters won’t leave us alone. A Death Eater's child's POV of the Aurors. No particular character.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3972196/1/Pack_of_Monsters

Why Pack of Monsters
I love it when authors explore the humanity of Death Eaters, the how and why of it all, and this story does just that.  It's short and moving and well worth a read.

My Rating: 10/10

stormtrooper in stilettos [userpic]
The Things Draco Carries by Catsintheattic and Reira_21
by stormtrooper in stilettos (diabolica)

Author: catsintheattic
Artist: reira_21
Title: The Things Draco Carries
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: Hints of Draco/Pansy
Genres: gen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Another pure-blood will recognise you by your blood and heritage, but any commoner will recognise you by your possessions. Seven years at Hogwarts. Seven insights into Draco’s schoolbag.
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/cats_fic/29352.html

Why The Things Draco CarriesCollapse )

My Rating: 10/10

werewolfsfan [userpic]
Because I don't want a whipping......Black Widow (The Blaise's Mum Has Got It Going On Tango)
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: marksykins
Title: Black Widow (The Blaise's Mum Has Got It Going On Tango)
Length: ~1,900
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: Blaise's Mum/ husbands
Genres: character study, family
Rating: pg13
Summary: "From what Harry could make out, she had been married seven times, each of her husbands dying mysteriously and leaving her mounds of gold."
Link: http://marksykins.livejournal.com/148078.html?format=light

Why Black Widow (The Blaise's Mum Has Got It Going On Tango)Collapse )

My Rating: 10/10

werewolfsfan [userpic]
The Mooncalf and the Quibbler - a truly rare pair!
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: thimble_kiss
Title: The Mooncalf and the Quibbler
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: Luna/Zacharias
Genres: post-dh, romance
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~19,000
Summary: After losing his temper to a series of provocations, a very reluctant Zach is sentenced to three months' community service at The Quibbler.
Link: http://thimble-kiss.livejournal.com/39764.html#cutid1

Why The Mooncalf and the QuibblerCollapse )

My Rating: 10/10

silviaelisa [userpic]
Iris by DeadManSeven
by silviaelisa (silvia_elisa)

Author: DeadManSeven / Derek Zischke
Title: Iris
WIP or Completed? One-shot. Completed
Ships: canon
Genres: General
Rating: G
Summary: Harry and Hermione meet for coffee, talk about things, don't talk about others. Between the words is where history lies, undisturbed.
Link: MNFF or FF.net.

why IrisCollapse )

My Rating: 10/10

werewolfsfan [userpic]
The Mrs Weasleys' Great Meat Pie Contest by westwardlee
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: westwardlee
Title: The Mrs Weasleys' Great Meat Pie Contest
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Charlie/Viktor, Percy/Audrey, George/Angelina, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny and Teddy/Victoire
Genres: humour, family, general
Rating: R
Length: ~2,600
Summary: Which of the Mrs. Weasleys makes the best meat pie?
Author's Notes: For everyone whose pies are not "as good as my mother's."
Link: http://lee-writes.insanejournal.com/36983.html

Why The Mrs Weasleys' Great Meat Pie ContestCollapse )

My Rating: 10/10

werewolfsfan [userpic]
Hush Little Baby (The Offer They Couldn't Refuse Remix)
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: midnitemaraud_r
Title: Hush Little Baby (The Offer They Couldn't Refuse Remix)
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: James/Lily, Sirius, Harry, Andromeda, Teddy
Genres: general, family
Rating: pg
Length: ~4,000
Summary: Two young men, two infants, two generations, and promises made on the brink of war and in its aftermath: the legacy of family and a godfather's love.
Link: http://midnitemaraud-r.livejournal.com/133049.html

Why Hush Little Baby (The Offer They Couldn't Refuse Remix)Collapse )

My Rating: 10/10

werewolfsfan [userpic]
Foolish Heart by remuslives23
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: remuslives23
Title: Foolish Heart
WIP or Completed? Completed
Length: ~700
Ships: Lily/Severus, Lily/James (implied)
Genres: ust, angst
Rating: pg13
Summary: 'Love isn't a decision. It's a feeling. If we could decide who we loved, it would be much simpler, but much less magical.' - Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Link: http://remuslives23.livejournal.com/92382.html#cutid1

Why Foolish HeartCollapse )

My Rating: 10/10

werewolfsfan [userpic]
10 Random Facts About Bill Weasley by devyn
by werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan)

Author: devyn
Title: 10 Random Facts About Bill Weasley
WIP or Completed? Completed
Ships: Bill and Charlie Weasley
Genres: general, humour
Rating: pg
Summary: 10 Random Facts About Bill Weasley, As Told By Charlie Weasley, His Ridiculously Handsome, Intelligent and Thrice-Voted-Britain's-Sexiest-Dragon-Keeper-According-To-Dragon-Weekly Younger Brother.
Link: http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=13132

Why 10 Random Facts About Bill WeasleyCollapse )

My Rating: 9/10

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