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This is a community for fans to recommend new or under-appreciated fanfic authors.

This community functions as a recommendation site for all Harry Potter fanfic. We are affiliated with no single ship or archive. However, we do have some 'defining features' that unite all the recs you will see on the comm: The New Library aims to provide an arena for new, emerging, or under-appreciated authors to find a wider audience. Therefore, without further ado, onto the guidelines!

The New Library community guidelines

1) You must become a member in order to post recommendations.

2) Recommendation guidelines. When posting a recommendation, please include the following:

WIP or completed?:
If it is a WIP and appears abandoned (not updated in 2 months and there are no author's notes to explain), then mention that here. It may still be a great read, but some would rather not start reading a work that won't be finished.
Ships: Any ship is fine. Even no ship! Gen fiction is positively encouraged.
Genres: Follow the author's own genre list unless they don't use one, in which case, add whatever information you think might be useful to someone trying to decide if they would like the story.
Rating: Any rating is acceptable. We allow recommendations for NC-17 works because they are links and recommendations, never actually postings.
Summary: Use the author's own unless they don't provide one. In which case, a brief summary or a snippet from the story is perfectly fine.
Link: This may be to any fanfiction archive or LiveJournal entry. We only recommend; we don't host.

Then below a cut please add your own personal comments about the story and why you are recommending it. There should be a particular reason you think this story would be a good read. Also, please rate it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest). If this is your own story—and you may recommend your own stories—then you may put personal comments about what your goal is/was with the story, etc., but you can leave out the rating unless you really wish to put one!

There is also a wonderful widget made by elvishly to do all the coding for posting recommendations for you. A link to this is available in the left-hand column of the main page, just so you can always find it when you need it!

2b) How do I know if an author is 'new' or 'underappreciated'? Obviously, this is a fine line. There are plenty of renowned authors out there who get heaps of praise and recommendations. This site is not here to deny that; we are just here to make sure that those who are new or less popularly known get their own forum for pimping. Of course, that still doesn't clarify how you determine who is underappreciated or less popular because obviously people may be very well known on one site and not very well known on another. Therefore, the following criteria can be helpful:

* If you were to visit three or four archives, would they be posted at each one?
* If you were to compare the number of reviews on their stories with those of other people on a particular site, would they have half as many? Twice as many? Ten times as many?
* If you were to post a recommendation on another LJ community (of which they are not a member), would people there think you were preaching to the choir?

Obviously, this is all thoroughly subjective. If in doubt, rec! It's very unlikely that you will completely miss the mark in identifying the author as new/underappreciated, and after all, everyone deserves recommendations! We will not censor recommendations (unless they truly flout these rules). If you do rec an author who does not belong here, you will not be made to delete the post. However, angel_mischa will alert you that the rec is for someone not generally considered new/underappreciated, and the rec will not be tagged or added to the comm memories. (Note that these guidelines are much less strict than those you will find at The New Library Awards.)

3) Responding to a rec. Firstly, if you follow a recommendation link, please respond to the post here that recommended it. It's nice to know that people are following the links. You can respond with anything you want: a simple 'hear-hear', a critical analysis, etc. However, of course, NO FLAMES. We reserve the right to discipline flamers.

4) Author notification. As mod, angel_mischa will not contact recced authors individually when recs are posted. However, it might be nice, if you are going to post a rec, to leave the author a review and let them know. Ditto if you follow a rec and enjoy the story. Let the author know how you found them! This is particularly true as we now have a Recced Icon that lucky authors can use in their own profile/author's notes.

If you are an author and are unhappy with having your writing recommended here, or are unhappy with any comments or ratings, please contact angel_mischa (either via PM or at angel0mischa@googlemail.com) immediately so that any issues can be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

5) Tags and searching through the comm. We have tags for different archives (archive: ***), different ships (ship: ***, for "slash," "het," "femmeslash" and "rare pair" as well as the precise ships themselves), different genres (genre: ***) and ratings (rating: ***), etc. So, when posting, please make sure that you check out the tags section and add any relevant ones that you can. You will not be able to add new tags yourself, but angel_mischa will add any new tags that are necessary shortly after you post!

There is a link to the (rather long) list of tags in the link box, which can help you find exactly what you're looking for in no time at all. We do also keep a list of all recs made in our comm memories (also linked to in the link box), but this is an unsorted list, mainly for angel_mischa to keep track of just how many recs have been made. (Want to know why? See #8 in this list)

5b) TNL Supporter Award. In the list of tags you will also see many "reccer: ***" tags. We keep track of how many recs each member has made, and when someone reaches 15 recs, a TNL Supporter Icon (seen here) will be created for him/her as a gift!

6) TNL Awards.The New Library Awards. (tnl_awards) Another round of TNLA will be running in the New Year. Please watch that comm or keep an eye out for posts about it here for more information.

7) TNL First-Time Fest (tnl_first_time). The master-list from the first Fest is now available at the community. There will be another Fest in due course.

8) Gift-fics. As a little incentive to the wonderful people who contribute recs to this community, every 101st reccer gets to submit a prompt to which angel_mischa will write a fic. These are posted at the community and can be found via the tag list. The gift-fics that have been written so far are:

#101: Plucked for elawvu3
#202: Invited to Dinner for dynonugget
#303: Gangsters and Molls for cardigankate
#404: Twenty-One Years Later for bemoan1000

9) Posting anything other than a fic. Please do not promote any community here without first contacting angel_mischa. Abusing your posting privilege by spamming this community with ads for others will get you taken off the members list. Additionally, while posting art is perfectly acceptable without prior permission, do please try and limit the amount of art that you rec here; this community is primarily intended for fics, and we'd like it to stay that way.

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